Something Stupendous Starts Again

Boom bam baby we’re back. And by back I of course mean on a new platform where the whole wide world can see inside our tiny corner. Why the change? Because sharing is stupendous. That didn’t surprise any of the old timers. To the new school readers, you’ll get use to it. It’s always stupendous.

EeyoreBecause that’s what we do here. We talk about things that are stupendous. What does that mean? Stupendous – the ever helpful defines it as “causing amazement, marvellous.” It comes from the Latin word stupēre meaning ‘to be stunned or amazed’. When was the last time you were stunned by something?Defined it as awesome and truly meant it? It’s been a while for me.

The initial experiment contained 77 stupendous things and in that time we evolved. Every good thing grows. Nobody likes the stale, old hat side of life. We discovered that there was something stunning in everything.

The stupendous doesn’t come in a big shiny package. There was stupendousness in something as simple as sticky notes or as seemingly awful as paper jams. The stupendousness abounded. So that’s what we became, a place to find the stupendous. To see the silver lining. To find the awesome. To examine the cool.

Pick a phrase. I’m flexible.

I’ve decided to bring it back. There’s been almost a year and a half between the Summer of Stupendous and this post. And in that time I’ve decided that I need a little stupendous in my life. So because I need the smiles and because smiles are contagious…

happiness-can-be-this-simpleBOOM BAM BRING IT ON WE’RE BACK.

I’m going to find stupendous things that occur in the big ball I call life. Last time was daily but just no. Not this time. Sorry. But we’re still going to find the cool stuff that should stun us but we no longer take the time to look at.

I hope you’ll all join me, either by reading along or by looking for the stupendous in the ordinary of your own lives. I think we’ll have some fun and hopefully catch a few smiles.

Stay Stupendous


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