About Something Stupendous

The original challenge was for the summer of 2012: 77 posts in 77 days. I’d just started my first office job and thought everything about cubicles and file folders was the absolute coolest jazz. But no-one seemed to share my opinion. In the interest of spreading joy, finding an opportunity to write and fulfilling a pesky ‘learning objective’ off I went describing why anything and everything I could get my hands on was stupendous. Topics ranged from the mysterious Floor Seven and a Half to paper jams to the ‘string things’ and everyone had a good time.

Basically I smiled more and created smiles. That seemed stupendous enough to get a Round 2. Basically my goal is to improve everyone’s day and help us (myself included) see the silver linings.

About the Author

Aria BauerWriting this has filled me with momentary panic and a small existential crisis, who am I? The first time I wrote this I forgot my name… it’s Aria Bauer.

I’m a science nerd with an emphasis on genetics.  If you need Justice League, Disney or Doctor Who knowledge I’m your girl.  I’ve recently embarked on a career where I write for a living but its technical stuff that decisively cannot use made up words. So I needed a place to use made up words and general happiness.

Oh, and I’m stupendous. But only because everyone is. Even you. Give me time, I’ll convince you.

To sum it up: Word Writer, Science Student, Nerd Knowledge

I post all writing updates under the twitter name @ariabauer


You've probably got words to say. I'd encourage you to do so.

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